Hailnet For Agriculture

Hail Net for Agriculture/Orchards

Agriculture production in India is becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate variability. The increased incidences of extreme weather events such as Hailstorms have been causing wide spread damage and lost to the agriculture sector.

Hail damage can severely affect the health of plant and decimate the harvest. The new plants which are sprouting and growing tender new leaves and stems, hail damage can completely kill seedlings. Hail later in the season will reduce harvests by knocking fruit off plants.

To combat this challenge, Superspan India has developed Hail nets for agriculture protection fenced above the crop can be appropriately utilised especially for high value crops. The hail climatology, microclimatic effects of the cover, its durability properties and installation cost are useful in evaluation of the merit of such screens.

We Provide High Strength, World‐Class Premium Quality Shade Solutions

Benefits of Superspan Hail nets for Orchards/Agriculture

  • Ten Year Warranty.
  • Life Span up to 15 years.
  • Protection from Hail Damage, Bird, and pests.
  • Unlimited Coverage.
  • Fast Installation over any ground conditions.