Hailnet For Cars

Hail Net for Cars

Car companies require reliable and robust systems in place to maintain their supply chain lines. Hail storms can be extremely unpredictable and damaging to Finished Vehicles. Even a short episode of hail can cause serious damage to this logistics supply chain crippling the movement of finished vehicles to the customers.

Our Hail net Structures are designed keeping this key aspect in mind by providing safe storage solutions for finished vehicles during their storage at key holding points like Plant Parking Yard, Transporter Yard, Ports and Dealership yards.

Our Hailnet structures are designed to handle these extreme environmental challenges which are becoming increasingly common every year. We maintain the highest standards of quality and safety in the entire process of designing, production, installation and throughout the life span of these Hail Protection System. A well designed and well maintained Hail prevention system (Anti hail net) can last in excess of 15 Years.

We proudly to stand by our 10 Year warranty on all materials which gives our customers the confidence and trust to believe in our products. With a total installation of over 1 Million Square meters of Hail Protection system installed with over 100,000 cars stored, we are leading the way in Indian Anti Hail net Industry by bringing in the latest innovations and technology to our customers.

We Provide High Strength, World‐Class Premium Quality Shade Solutions

Benefits of Superspan Anti Hailnets for Cars

  • Ten Year Warranty. Life Span up to 15 years.
  • Custom Designs to best suit the requirements of clients.
  • Protection from Hail Damage, Bird Droppings.
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums.
  • Unlimited Coverage.
  • Protection from Harmful UV rays.
  • Temperature drop of over 10 Degrees.
  • Customized design to suit all requirements and installation over any ground conditions
  • Manufactured in India to reduce installation and commissioning times while maintaining highest standards of Quality and Safety over lifetime of the structures.
Yes, our Bird Proofing Systems can help you provide services from free inspection of the site to installation and quick after-sales service.
Yes, but installing bird-control nets requires a skilled and professional technician. Let us do it for you.
Our bird control products are, for example, the highest quality available on the market. It is completely weatherproof and resistant to mold and UV rays, Chemical stability, and inertness.
Our bird nets allow for 100% light and fresh air. It is transparent and cannot be detected as soon as it is installed. Our USP is to maintain aesthetics while providing protection.