Our Services
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Superspan India offers an extensive suite of services. These are designed to assist customers through all phases of decision making, project delivery, acceptance and maintenance.

  • On site briefing meeting, site measurement and Conceptual designs in 2D and 3D graphical images.
  • Shadow diagrams in graphical 3D format at selected times of the day and year.
  • Advice on the most efficient and effective use of shade provision within defined locations.
  • Shade fabric material options.
  • Site assessment.
  • Geotechnical investigations and underground services location.
  • Technical specifications of all materials, treatments and finishes.
  • Detailed structural analysis and engineering design.
  • CAD engineering drawings, shop detail drawings and documentation.
  • Certificate of Compliance - Design.
  • Building and Planning Permits.
  • Manufacture of all connection hardware and other accessories required for safe installation.
  • Installation of structures with appropriate planning, coordination and safety.
  • A 10 year warranty on all its materials, fabrication and installation.
  • Structural safety inspections identifying potential hazards and maintenance issues.
  • Cleaning of shade fabric panels and refurbishment of support posts.