Shade Sails

SHADE SAILS/Tensile Membrane Structures

Shade Sails are now used in a wide range of different applications where the common attributes are shade, shelter, light transmission and distinctive dynamic architecture. These days, cover factor / shade density of shade sails is increasingly important as the applications for people protection such as at kindergartens, schools and playgrounds, started to grow.

Superspan India is the leading supplier of shade sails in India for residential and commercial use. The shade sail provides a large and flexible shaded area ensuring full enjoyment of your garden or terrace with family and friends. A unique system combining beauty, grandiosity and ease of use.

We can provide customised shade sails for applications such as:

  • Preschools, learning centres, kindergartens.
  • Primary schools, secondary colleges and private schools.
  • Special schools and sheltered workshops
  • College Playgrounds, athletic sports grounds and water parks.
  • Hail protection for vehicles.
  • Industrial safety screens/ privacy fence.
  • Commercial businesses, outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas.
  • Shade Sails for Swimming pools.